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26 September 2010 @ 07:22 pm
vampirebigbang: Sweet and Scarlet and Free  
See? This is what happens when I go home for the weekend and forget things. Lateness. I appologize for that, I had no intention of making the wait this long. Most of the mix I listend to while I was reading the fic, some just called to me.

The story is called Sweet and Scarlet and Free by annabeth. It's a Sam/Lenore story for the vampirebigbang, and this is the fanmix.


bloodbuzz ohio, the national
wrists, tegan and sara
hypnotize, system of a down
honey or tar, cocorosie
awake my soul, mumford & sons
the day we met, vermillion lies
bird song, florence + the machine
my life, jj
books from boxes, maxïmo parl
rid of me, juliette lewis
romance, my chemical romance